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What are premium Incentive Certificates?

Premium incentive certificates are marketing tools that allow you to offer high value products to your customers at a cost of 50 to 80% less than what you would pay for the actual gift. Giving customers valuable incentives is a proven way to get customers to visit a store, make a purchase, test drive a vehicle, take a timeshare tour, or refer their friends and families to you.

Premium incentive certificates are a cost effective solution because they cost less than the actual products themselves, and save the hassle of stocking the product, fulfillment, and extra customer service. We are able to achieve this because many customers fail to redeem their certificates, thus allowing you to spend less money, or offer a higher value gift. Because the customers that actually redeem the certificates are the ones that value the promotion the highest, your promotion budget automatically targets the right customers.

Using Premium Certificates is easy. All you need to do is present the offer to your customers through virtually any form of traditional media. TV, Radio, direct mail, emails, banners, pop ups, newspaper ads, flyers, etc, purchase the certificates you need, and mail or hand them out to your customers when they make a purchase. You can leave the rest to us. We handle the fulfillment, redemption, and customer service. If you are doing any form of traditional advertising for your business, premium incentive certificates are the most impactful way to gain an edge over your competition.

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